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Requirements & Installation

Minimum requirements & download#

Download Release Date Windows foobar2000
3.4.25 14th April 2024 Windows 8.1+ 1.6.6+ 32bit/64bit


The last version compatible with Windows 7/8 is available here.

Required fonts#

As of 3.4.7, FontAwesome is no longer used by any included samples. Segoe Fluent Icons is now required. Windows 11 users will already have this installed.

To display Country Flags, you should install the Twemoji Mozilla font. This requires Windows 10 or later.


It is assumed you know how to add panels to your layout. Basic guides can be found below.

Default UI

Columns UI


Since the learning curve for writing your own scripts is quite steep, there are many included samples that don't require any knowledge at all. You can simply pick the one you want to use from the Samples button in the Configuration Window.

The Gallery has recently been updated with more detailed setup notes / usage instructions.

Extra requirements#

  • The IJSimage ApplyEffect method requires Windows 10 or later.
  • Displaying coloured emoji requires Windows 10 or later.
  • The following require foobar2000 2.0:
    • console.ClearBacklog
    • console.GetLines
    • plman.FindByGUID
    • plman.GetGUID
    • IMetadbHandle FileCreated
    • on_console_refresh