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foobar2000 2.0 was a requirement for the 3.1.x and 3.2.x series of releases but support for 1.6.6+ was added in 3.3.0.


  • The Configuration Window has had the following updates:
    • The text style automatically tracks the dark/light mode settings from the foobar2000 Preferences. Using custom colours is still supported by changing the mode via the Style button.
    • Using Ctrl and the mouse wheel has always zoomed the text size but the setting was never saved. Now it is.
    • The zoom can be reset using Ctrl+0.
  • utils.TextBox has beed updated to support coloured emoji.
  • Fix Thumbs sample so automatic downloads work on radio streams. Existing users will need to re-import the sample using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.


  • Various sample fixes.


  • Fix bug with IMetadbHandle GetFileInfo not always returning a valid object.
  • Various sample fixes.


  • The default context menu has been updated with a Clear properties item. It's just a quicker alternative to opening the Properties dialog and using the Clear button.
  • The Text Display sample has been updated with a new default title formatting pattern. The gallery contains an updated screenshot.


  • Fix various Smooth sample bugs when using the Ctrl key and mouse wheel to increase the font size.


  • The Spectrogram Seekbar samples now support cue sheets.


  • Add IMenuObj SetDefault. This sets a bold font for the menu item
  • JS Playlist has been updated with a Play command when a single item is selected and right clicked.
  • Fix incorrect colour bug in the Configuration Window line number column when using light mode.


  • Suppress ITextLayout CalcTextHeight error when passed an invalid max_width.



  • In the Configuration Window, selected text now populates the Find field when you open the search dialog.
  • The edit controls in utils.InputBox and utils.TextBox now support keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Del for deleting whole words.
  • The default script has been updated to follow the UI font.
  • IMetadbHandleList CalcTotalDuration is now multi-threaded.
  • The component has been built with the latest foobar2000 and Columns UI SDK releases.


  • utils.MessageBox and other prompts have been updated to support Dark Mode.
  • You can now edit the sort pattern for Smooth Browser via the right click menu. Previously, it was only possible via the Properties window.


  • 2 new button scripts have been added:
    • Playback Buttons which is a super minimal set for compact layouts.
    • Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons + Volume is a modification of an existing script adding a Volume slider.
  • The existing Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons scripts have been updated so you can toggle the Stop After Current state by right clicking the Stop button. The new scripts also support this.


  • The ability to be added as a Columns UI toolbar has been restored. Unlike previous versions, some sensible changes have been made:
    • There is no transparency option. It's enabled automatically.
    • It has its own default script which is a fully functional flyout menu.
    • Unlike normal Columns UI panels, Edge Style is not an option.
  • Fix bug introduced in 3.2.15 where tooltips may not have updated correctly when toggling Dark Mode.
  • The Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons have been updated to provide an alternative button set if the Segoe Fluent Icons font is installed. Windows 11 users have it by default, Windows 10 users can download it here. This is a change from the attempt at using Segoe MDL2 Assets in the previous release which was problematic. Existing users need to use the Samples button to reload the script and take advantage of it.


  • Big internal rewrite of how foobar2000 callbacks are forwarded to panels. Please report any issues if you encounter them.
  • The Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons samples have a new button set available. Existing users must re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window. The new set is only available on Windows 10 or later because it uses the Segoe MDL2 Assets font. The option will be greyed out on earlier versions of Windows. Use the right click menu to choose:



  • Add fb.ShowPictureViewer. This uses the picture viewer that is built in to foobar2000 itself and accepts any valid image file path as input.
  • The Thumbs sample has been updated with a custom double click action which you can set via the right click menu. The new picture viewer is one of the available options.


  • Various sample fixes.


  • Update Smooth samples with same dynamic colour support that JS Playlist got in the previous release. It can be enabled via the right click menu under Colours.


  • Add window.IsThemed.
  • Update JS Playlist and Smooth samples to make use of the above feature.
  • JS Playlist has a new Dynamic colour option which can be enabled via the right click menu. This extracts colours from the front cover of the playing track to use for the background and text.
  • Update Smooth Browser with the ability to drag the selected group out on to playlist viewers/playlist managers.
  • Fix script error when using Smooth Playlist Manager to drag and move a playlist towards the end of the list.


  • Fix drag/drop which was broken in 3.2.9.
  • Fix custom colours in JS Playlist not persisting.


  • Fix bugs with fb.GetClipboardContents() and the Paste handling in JS Playlist / Smooth Playlist.
  • Various UI colour handling improvements in the JS Playlist and Smooth samples.


  • Restore on_playlist_item_ensure_visible which was removed in 3.0.0.
  • Fix JS Playlist and Smooth Playlist using the above callback so they should always scroll to the playing item when the status bar is double clicked. Previously, it would work only if the playing item wasn't focused.



  • Minor IThemeManager bug fix.
  • JS Playlist has had support for collapsable group headers removed. See this forum post if you want to preserve this functionality by downloading a standalone copy.
  • The playlist manager built in to JS Playlist and Smooth Playlist Manager now expose the foobar2000 context menu for playlist content.
  • The Spectrogram Seekbar scripts can now generate images for tracks longer than 1 hour in length. This requires ffmpeg 6.0.



  • Update IMetadbHandleList GetQueryItems to use latest foobar2000 SDK code.
  • Various other improvements using new SDK features.



  • Update window.GetFontCUI / window.GetFontDUI so they properly handle font names which contain properties like SemiBold, Condensed, Light etc.
  • Fix bug with plman.AddLocations so items are added to the correct playlist if other playlist operations during the async process cause the playlistIndex of the destination playlist to change.
  • Various sample fixes.


  • The Thumbs sample has been limited to loading no more than 64MB of images from disk.


  • The minimum requirement for foobar2000 is now 2.0 Beta 18.
  • utils.CheckComponent has been removed and replaced with fb.CheckComponent.
  • Changes to how Smooth Playlist and JS Playlist ratings were handled in 3.1.0 have been reverted. This is because of changes in foobar2000 2.0 Beta 18. Built-in Playback Statistics have been dropped and using foo_playcount is once again needed if you want to apply/display ratings without tagging your files.