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Smooth Playlist Manager

This was originally created by Br3tt aka Falstaff.

smooth playlist manager


  • Order playlists by dragging items with the mouse. Multi-select is not supported.
  • Sort all playlists by name using the right click menu.
  • Preset autoplaylists are available.
  • Apply playlist locks.
  • Restore deleted playlists which remain for the lifetime of the current foobar2000 session.
  • Cover art or custom image as background supported (including a blur effect).
  • Smooth scrolling.
  • Change colours and fonts in foobar2000 Preferences > Display > DefaultUI or ColumsUI.
  • Alternatively, you can configure independent custom colours from the right click menu.
  • You can also enable dynamic colours extracted from the front cover of the playing item.
  • Use Ctrl+T to toggle the info bar.
  • Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom.