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This page is specifically for working with fonts that are passed to IJSGraphics WriteText.

Unlike previous versions of JScript Panel, fonts need to be supplied as strings. They can be created manually by using JSON.stringify on an object or returned from window.GetFontCUI and window.GetFontDUI.

These are all of the supported properties but none are mandatory.

var font = JSON.stringify({
    Name : name, // string
    Size : size, // number
    Weight : weight, // number
    Style : style, // number
    Stretch : stretch, // number
    Underline : underline, // boolean
    Strikethrough : strikethrough, // boolean

See Flags for supported Weight, Style and Stretch values.

You can even supply an empty string and defaults of Segoe UI and 16px will be used.


var font_str = "";
var colour = RGB(0, 0, 0);
gr.WriteText("some text", font_str, colour, 0, 0, window.Width, window.Height);

Using window.GetFontCUI / window.GetFontDUI.#


var font_str = window.GetFontDUI(0);
Example output
    "Name": "Segoe UI",
    "Size": 12,
    "Stretch": 5,
    "Style": 0,
    "Weight": 400

font_str can be passed directly to gr.WriteText without modification.


var font_str = window.GetFontDUI(0);
var colour = RGB(0, 0, 0);

function on_paint(gr) {
    gr.WriteText("some text", font_str, colour, 0, 0, window.Width, window.Height);


Not all fonts supported by Default UI / Columns UI can be used by this component. This is because they use older GDI graphics whereas this component uses DirectWrite. If an unsupported font is detected, the method will fallback to returning Segoe UI. The most likely cause of this happening would be using Raster fonts like System or Small Fonts.

If you want to manipulate any of the properties, you can use JSON.parse on the string, make the changes and then stringify it again.


var font_str = window.GetFontDUI(0);
var font_obj = JSON.parse(font_str);

// double the size, leave other properties untouched.
font_obj.Size = font_obj.Size * 2;

font_str = JSON.stringify(font_obj);

Creating your own from scratch#

Writing your own JSON.stringify statement for every font you create would be a bit cumbersome so you should consider writing your own helper function.

This is a simple one to give you an idea:


// @import "%fb2k_component_path%helpers.txt"

function create_font_string(name, size, bold) {
    return JSON.stringify({
        Name : name,
        Size : size,

// Now it's easier to write...

var font = create_font_string("Verdana", 16);
var large_bold_font = create_font_string("Verdana", 24, true);

Advanced usage#

You can also create an array of fonts and apply them to a single string. You can style each word or even character independently. See Styling Ranges Of Text.