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Configuration Window

Right click any panel>Configure to open the Configuration Window.


Some scripts may implement their own menu without a Configure option. If this happens, you can hold down the Shift+Win keys and then right click. This always brings up the default menu.

Configuration Window

Using the Tools button you can access the following commands which should be self-explanatory.

  • Reset
  • Import
  • Export
  • Docs
  • Releases
  • About

Use the Style button to change the Editor Properties.

Use the Samples button to quickly choose any of the included scripts.

Edge Style is only available when using Columns UI.

Keyboard shortcuts#

Ctrl+0 Reset zoom. Change using Ctrl and the mouse wheel.
Ctrl+F OpenFind dialog
Ctrl+G Open Go To Line dialog
Ctrl+H Open Replace dialog
Ctrl+S Apply
F3 Find next
Shift+F3 Find previous

Editor Properties#

Editor Properties

style.caret.fore and style.selection.back accept hex colours only.

For all the others, you can combine any of the following options separated by a comma.


Hex colours must be the full 6 digits like #FF0000.