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$font & $rgb


For sample users, Text Display handles $font code automatically.

As of component 3.6.0, $rgb works wherever custom title title formatting is supported. Also, a new gr.WriteText2 method has been added which supports $font and $rgb.


You can use these colour methods which are documented here.

$rgb(r,g,b) // only the 3 value variant is supported
$hsl(h,s,l) // only the 3 value variant is supported


As of component version 3.1.9, a $font function has been added. This is not a common function and is exclusive to JScript Panel 3. It takes up to 6 values.


If changing the font, you must the supply the name and size values. The rest are optional.

size Supported values are 8 - 144.
weight Default 400, 700 is bold. Supported values are 100 - 950.
style Default 0. Use 1 for oblique or 2 for italic.
underline Default 0. Use 1 to enable.
strikethrough Default 0. Use 1 to enable.

You can use $font() with no values to reset back to default.

Using in your own scripts.#

See the basic samples $rgb and $rgb + $font.