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  • Smooth Browser now has 2 display modes only. See the Gallery page for full details. This forum post contains the previous version if anyone wants it.
  • Various other Smooth fixes.




  • Smooth Browser has been updated with a playlist mode. See the Gallery page for full details.



  • Smooth Browser and Smooth Playlist have been updated with menu items for clearing the Album Art cache. Use this if it's displaying stale images after updating Album Art.
  • fb.RunMainMenuCommand, fb.RunContextCommand and IMetadbHandleList RunContextCommand have been fixed so they no longer return true on disabled menu items.


  • Smooth Browser has been updated so Albums are now sorted in alphabetical order and tracks without %album% tags are shunted to the end of the list. They are grouped by %directory%.


  • Add IMetadbHandleList AttachImage2. This method allows attaching images from memory rather than file path.
  • Update Smooth Browser group settings so the full %date% is displayed in Album mode.


  • Add new Menu + Playback Buttons + Custom Colours sample. This is mainly for Columns UI because you cannot hide the menu toolbar in Default UI.
  • Various Status Bar fixes and improvements. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button. Title formatting can now be configured via the right click menu and $rgb is supported.


  • Update Scintilla library used for code highlighting. The last release may have had a bug related to undo/redo.
  • JSPlaylist and Smooth Playlist have been updated so you can right click in a blank area and Paste clipboard items. Previously, you had to select a valid playlist item and it was impossible to Paste in an empty playlist.
  • Update Smooth Playlist context menu so the settings are always shown no matter where you right click.
  • Various other playlist fixes.


  • Minor component bug fixes.
  • Fix bugs with Minimal Seekbar and Text Display + Album Art + Seekbar + Buttons samples where the seekbars were not centred and playback time was not displayed when listening to streams. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button.
  • Fix bugs with the basic\WriteTextStyles and basic\SimpleScroll + Styled Text samples. The corresponding documentation has also been fixed.



  • Add new Text Display + Album Art + Seekbar + Buttons sample.
  • Fix bug with original Text Display where the fonts/rgb internet link was broken.
  • Fix bug with Minimal Seekbar where the seekbar knob overlapped the length text at the end of a track. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button.


  • Add IMetadbHandleList Reverse.
  • Add Playback Order button to the following scripts. The original Playback Buttons has been left untouched.
    Playback Buttons + Playback Order
    Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons
    Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons + Volume
    Track Info + Spectrogram Seekbar + Buttons
    Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button. If it's not immediately obvious which mode each icon represents, tooltips give the full name.


  • Fix bad change to helpers.txt in 3.4.8 which caused 3rd party scripts to break. Apologies for the inconvenience.


  • Various internal improvements.
  • JSPlaylist / Smooth sample optimisations.


  • Update window.GetFontCUI to gracefully handle a font with zero size being defined in the Preferences.


- Internal font handling changes which may help debugging in future.


  • FontAwesome is no longer required. Segoe Fluent Icons is now used across all included samples. Windows 11 users will already have this installed. Everyone else can get it here.
  • For existing users of any included button scripts, the following will need re-importing from the Samples button:
    Playback Buttons
    Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons
    Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons + Volume
    Track Info + Spectrogram Seekbar + Buttons


  • Transparency is now reserved exclusively for genuine Columns UI toolbars. Adding as a Toolbar via the Columns UI Layout settings will have no effect and it will be a normal panel with a solid colour background. Reverted in 3.4.10.
  • Add new Minimal Seekbar. It's just a seekbar with playback time/length and no buttons. It's Dark Mode aware and will update itself when toggled.
  • Fix bug with Status Bar sample.


  • Add workaround for strange menu manager bug.


  • $jsp3_since has been updated with proper Today / Yesterday handling and never returns 0d any more.
  • Minor sample fixes.


  • fb.AcquireSelectionHolder and the ISelectionHolder interface have been removed due to bugs affecting other components. Their replacement is the 3 ISelectionHolder methods being moved to window. See how the included samples were updated here.
  • Add utils.Now.



  • Remove the want_stub argument from IMetadbHandle GetAlbumArtAsync. It was marked as deprecated in 3.3.10 and was meant to be removed in 3.4.0 but I forgot. See fb.GetAlbumArtStub.


  • This release drops support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is the new minimum requirement.
  • Restore utils.RemoveFolderRecursive.
  • window.IsThemed, window.CreateThemeManager and the IThemeManager interface have all been removed.
  • IJSGraphics FillGradientRectangle and FillGradientRectangleAdvanced have been removed. The standard FillRectangle and all other Draw/Fill methods now support gradients.
  • The Edge Style option has been removed for Columns UI panels.
  • Existing Text Display users will need to re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
    • It now supports %jsp3_playlist_name% for displaying the playing/active playlist depending on selection settings. Note the playing track doesn't have to belong to a playlist so use of $if or [] is recommended.
    • When in text only mode, the margin can be configured from the right click menu. Also, the default value is reduced.
    • The Gallery page has been updated with more notes on exclusive title formatting features only available in this component.