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Using a preprocessor section is not mandatory but it is useful for identifying scripts and loading external files so common code can be reused without having to update each panel instance.

The section should start with ==PREPROCESSOR== and end with ==/PREPROCESSOR==.

// ...

A full example might look something like this:

// @name "my sooper dooper script"
// @author "marc"
// @version "0.1"
// @import "%fb2k_component_path%helpers.txt"
// @import "%fb2k_profile_path%scripts\main.js"

Each directive is case sensitive. It should be started with @ and placed into a single comment.

// @directive "value here"



// @name "name"


If you set a name here, it's also available in script via window.Name. You can use it to prefix console messages or use for titles on various dialog boxes.


// @version "version"


// @author "author"


// @import "path"

Load external script from path. These files should be UTF8 only. You can place %fb2k_component_path% or %fb2k_profile_path% in to path. They will be expanded while parsing.

As the full example above illustrates, always put your own files in a sub-folder of your foobar2000 profile folder. Do not use the component folder as files would be lost on component upgrades.