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Text Display

text only

text album art

These are just some of the options available via the right click menu:

  • Text alignment.
  • Album Art and/or blurred background.
  • Per-second updates.
  • Custom background colour independent of UI colour.

Title Formatting#

Playlist only fields like %list_index%, %list_total%, etc are supported.

A custom $font function and $rgb are also supported. You can read more here.

Also, you can check Country Flags if you store countries in your tags.

As of component version 3.4.0, %jsp3_playlist_name% is now available.

Finally ,$jsp3_since can display the difference between now and a given date/time string. Use with Playback Statistics %last_played% or similar.


could display something like 5wk 2d.


Unlike the original foo_textdisplay component there is no support for clickable links. Also, there are no scrollbars. Use the mouse wheel to scroll when there is too much content to fit in the panel.