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  • Adding utils.RemoveFolderRecursive in 3.3.35 accidentially broke Windows 7 support so it has been temporarily removed in this release. But that makes this the last version compatible with Windows 7.
  • The following features are being removed in the next release, most likely 3.4.0.
    • Edge Style in Columns UI panels.
    • window.IsThemed, window.CreateThemeManager and the IThemeManager interface.
    • IJSGraphics FillGradientRectangle and FillGradientRectangleAdvanced. The standard FillRectangle and all other Draw/Fill methods will support gradients.


  • This reverts the rendering rewrite in 3.3.30. It has been buggy for a few users when used in tab stacks.


  • Add date display to Album mode in Smooth Browser. It's not available with the Overlayed text style but is for all others.


  • Fix $jsp3_since bug introduced in 3.3.36.


  • Minor improvement to the formatting of strings returned by $jsp3_since added in 3.3.35.


  • Add utils.RemoveFolderRecursive.
  • Add $jsp3_since title format function. Supply it with a date string in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format and you'll get a return value like 44wk 2d. If the difference is less than 24 hours, it will return 0d. This is not available globally, only in JScript Panel 3. For people not creating their own scripts, it can be used in JS Playlist custom columns or in Text Display.


  • Add plman.GetPlaybackOrders.
  • utils.LoadImage has been updated with an optional max_size option. The default is 0 which returns the original untouched. If the original image is smaller than a specified max_size, it will be returned untouched.
  • Thumbs now defaults to a max_size of 1024px for the main image but this can be changed via the right click menu options.


  • Fix another window.RepaintRect bug introduced in 3.3.30.


  • Fix Smooth Playlist bug where clicking in a certain spot in the group header would cause a script error.
  • Internal code cleanup.


  • Fix window.Repaint / window.RepaintRect bugs introduced in 3.3.30.


  • The graphics rendering system has been rewritten.


  • Update utils.ReplaceIllegalChars with an optional strip_trailing_periods argument. Set to true for folder names.
  • Update utils.Glob, utils.ListFiles and utils.ListFolders to sort numerically like Windows Explorer.

  • Update Thumbs sample to use a multi-line edit box in Custom folder mode. Now you can specify multiple folders, one per line.


  • Fix Rating and Bio sample bugs.



  • Bio + Images and Thumbs ( mode) can now display the artist stub image from the main Album Art Preferences when no images are found.
  • Bio + Images and Allmusic Review + Album Art have been updated so they always display white text on dark background when no image is present. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
  • JS Playlist has had the wallpaper opacity settings removed. It was unusable on higher settings so a low default is now used.


  • Bio bug fixes.


  • A breaking change has been made to utils.HTTPRequestAsync but it only affects script authors making their own POST requests. See the updated docs here.
  • on_http_request_done now receives status and response_headers arguments. See here.


  • Rewrite utils.HTTPRequestAsync to use a 3rd party library instead of the foobar2000 SDK.


  • Various bug fixes. Users of Bio, + Bio and the original Thumbs script will need to update from the Samples button.


  • Fix utils.TextBox incorrect text wrapping with longer prompt text.
  • The Bio and Lastfm.Bio + Images samples have been updated to fetch extra info including country flags. If you don't want this, it can be turned off via the right click menu. See this page for more information.
  • Existing users of the Bio and Allmusic samples will need to re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
  • For country flag display to work, you must install the Twemoji Mozilla font.
  • The Track Info + Seekbar samples have been updated with rounded rectangles. Existing users can update from the Samples button but it's not compulsory.


  • Fix various Bio + Images bugs. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
  • Add Allmusic Review + Album Art combined in a single script. It has the same blurred background as the recently added Bio + Images.
  • Both the above scripts have new options where you can toggle the layout orientation by right clicking the image. The ratio of image/text display can be changed by holding Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel.


  • Add utils.GetCountryFlag and $country_flag title format function. How to use them is described on this page.
  • While support for $rgb and $font has been built in to some samples, a detailed page for how use them in your own scripts has been added here. Basic samples are also included.
  • gr.WriteText no longer supports colours and fonts combined in the same array. Details here. The WriteTextStyles basic sample has been updated to be compliant.


  • Add Bio + Images sample. This combines artist art downloads from with biography text in a single panel. Check the right click menu for all options.


  • utils.ColourPicker now supports Dark Mode.
  • It has also been updated with an optional error_on_cancel argument.


  • Add utils.ConvertToAscii.
  • Various JS Playlist colour tweaks:
    • When using Custom colours, a Highlight option has been added. This is used in group headers.
    • The RATING colour can now be customised via the right click menu.
    • For consistency, all custom / $rgb colours are ignored when Dynamic colours are active.


  • Restore Allmusic Review sample.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Various Playback Statistics improvements:
    • Statistics should now survive tag updates.
    • IMetadbHandleList ClearStats() now calls RefreshStats() internally.


  • Playback Statistics are back. Read with care. Behaviour and functionality has changed since the previous implementation in JScript Panel 2.




  • The Album Art + Text Display sample added in 3.3.8 has been removed. It should be replaced with the updated original Text Display which now has 3 layout options available on the right click menu:
    • Text only
    • Album Art top, Text bottom
    • Album Art left, Text right


  • The Allmusic Review sample has been removed because of changes on the website preventing new lookups. This has been restored in version 3.3.15.
  • Add Album Art + Text Display sample. This displays album art in full above the text in addition to the previously optional background option.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Prevent most samples from refreshing themselves on Playback Statistics updates. Existing users will need to re-import using the Samples button in the Configuration Window


  • The Text Display sample has been updated to support an optional blur effect when background album art is enabled. Existing users will need to re-import the sample using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Add IJSGraphics Clear method. This is a convenience method for filling the whole panel without using FillSolidRectangle.


  • The Console sample has been updated with an option to show the timestamp for each entry. Existing users will need to re-import the sample using the Samples button in the Configuration Window.
  • Various component bug fixes.


  • Rewrite how Configuration Window settings are saved. Unfortunately this means the loss of any custom colour scheme. Code saved within will not be affected.
  • Other internal improvements.


  • The component has been unified in to a single version for any version of foobar2000 1.6.6+.
  • The following features were previously exclusive to the 3.2.x series for foobar2000 2.0 but are now available for foobar2000 1.6.x users:
    • fb.ShowPictureViewer
    • utils.CreateTextLayout2
    • utils.DownloadImageAsync / on_download_image_done
    • utils.Run
    • utils.RunCmdAsync / on_run_cmd_async_done
    • utils.TextBox
    • window.IsThemed
    • IMenuObj SetDefault
    • IMetadbHandle EvalPlaylistItem
  • The following features remain exclusive to foobar2000 2.0:

    • console.ClearBacklog
    • console.GetLines
    • plman.FindByGUID
    • plman.GetGUID
    • plman.GetQueryItems
    • IMetadbHandle FileCreated
    • on_console_refresh
  • For people upgrading from the 3.0.x series, utils.CheckComponent has been removed and replaced with fb.CheckComponent.

  • Add fb.IsV2 which is a boolean property.
  • If you're upgrading from the 3.0.x series, you should replace all samples in panels from the Samples button in the Configuration Window. JS Playlist custom column and grouping settings will be lost.
  • The advanced Text Display sample is now available.