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Spectrogram Seekbar

specctrogram seekbar

This script requires ffmpeg to decode the audio track and generate the image which is cached and used as the background for the seekbar.

For obvious reasons, only local files with a known length are supported.


As of component version 3.2.23, cue sheets are supported.


You can download ffmpeg from here.

For best results ffmpeg 6.0 or later should be used.

By default, the script will look for it inside your foobar2000 profile folder. If you wish to change this, edit the script where there is a note next to it.

Exhale support

If you use a special build with libfdk-aac, images can be generated when files encoded with exhale are played. See here.

The script automatically handles the differing command line arguments.

See here for available ffmpeg options which can be set via the right click menu.

Do not set legend as that is already disabled.