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  • Various sample fixes.


  • Fix various Smooth sample bugs when using the Ctrl key and mouse wheel to increase the font size.


  • Fix issue with ITextLayout CalcTextHeight where passing an invalid max_width would throw a script error.


  • Existing Spectrogram Seekbar users must use the Samples button in the Configuration Window to reload their scripts. Underlying changes require it.
  • 2 new button scripts have been added:
    • Playback Buttons which is a super minimal set for compact layouts.
    • Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons + Volume is a modification of an existing script adding a Volume slider.
  • The existing Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons scripts have been updated so you can toggle the Stop After Current state by right clicking the Stop button. The new scripts also support this.
  • All button scripts have been updated to provide an alternative button set if the Segoe Fluent Icons font is installed. Windows 11 users have it by default, Windows 10 users can download it here.


  • Various sample fixes.


  • Update Smooth samples with dynamic colour support. They are read from the front cover each time a new track starts. It can be enabled via the right click menu under Colours.
  • Update Smooth Browser with the ability to drag the selected group out on to playlist viewers/playlist managers.
  • Fix script error when using Smooth Playlist Manager to drag and move a playlist towards the end of the list.


  • Fix drag/drop which was broken in 3.0.22.


  • Fix bugs with fb.GetClipboardContents() and the Paste handling in JS Playlist / Smooth Playlist.
  • Various UI colour handling improvements in the Smooth samples.


  • Fix Smooth Browser which was accidentally broken by copying code from the foobar2000 2.0 version which is not compatible.


  • Restore on_playlist_item_ensure_visible which was removed in 3.0.0.
  • Fix JS Playlist and Smooth Playlist using the above callback so they should always scroll to the playing item when the status bar is double clicked. Previously, it would work only if the playing item wasn't focused.



  • Minor IThemeManager bug fix.
  • The Spectrogram Seekbar scripts can now generate images for tracks longer than 1 hour in length. This requires ffmpeg 6.0.


  • Various sample fixes.


  • Restore the on_main_menu callback.
  • Restore the fromhook argument to on_metadb_changed.


  • Update window.GetFontCUI / window.GetFontDUI so they properly handle font names which contain properties like SemiBold, Condensed, Light etc.
  • Fix bug with plman.AddLocations so items are added to the correct playlist if other playlist operations during the async process cause the playlistIndex of the destination playlist to change.
  • Various sample fixes.


  • The Thumbs sample has been limited to loading no more than 64MB of images from disk.


  • Backport some fixes from the latest version.


  • Various bug fixes.


  • Fix regression from 3.0.10 where resources may not have been freed correctly on shut down. This would only affect scripts that used utils.LoadSVG.


  • The SVG renderer now supports text.


  • Update utils.LoadSVG to use a better rendering library.


  • Fix bugs with IJSGraphics FillGradientRectangle / FillGradientRectangleAdvanced.


  • Fix Thumbs sample so existing images are not downloaded again.


  • Built in support for WebP images was backported from version 3.1.3.


  • Restore Configuration Window menu and editor presets that were unintentionally replaced in 3.0.4.
  • Smooth Playlist Manager and JS Playlist bug fixes.


  • The minimum requirement for foobar2000 is now 1.6.6.
  • The IMetadbHandle interface now has a LastModified property. Unlike %last_modified%, this is a timestamp.
  • Fixes broken $rgb support in JS Playlist. It should be usable in columns again.
  • Fixes a bug with Bio and Thumbs not being able to download and save files if the artist ended with a period character.
  • The Spectrogram seekbar scripts have been updated to save as WebP which are much smaller images.
  • The Artist Info + User Info (previously Similar Artists) can now display Top tracks and Top tags. Also, a bug which prevented Recent Tracks from updating has been fixed but the script needs reloading from the Samples button.


  • Fixes a bug with JS Playlist state and mood column alignment where the right and centre options were inverted.



  • Calling DrawImage with bad srcW or srcH arguments now silently fails instead of turning the whole panel black.


New additions#

Sample changes#

  • The Queue Viewer sample has been removed.
  • The Album Art sample no longer has a CD Jewel Case option.
  • Smooth Browser no longer creates playlists on selection changes. To send tracks to the Library selection playlist, a group has to be double clicked. The destination playlist name can be changed via the panel properties. As before, groups can be added to existing playlists using the right click>Add to... option.
  • The group headers in Smooth Playlist are no longer collapsable.
  • Thumbs now has a circular option available via the right click menu,

Removed features#

  • There is no longer a playback statistics database. This has been restored in 3.3.12.
  • Panels cannot be added as toolbars in Columns UI. This has been restored in 3.2.16.
  • There is no pseudo transparent option in Columns UI. Panels are transparent when added as a Columns UI toolbar.

Removal of gdi#

There is no longer a gdi namespace. Those methods have been replaced as follows:

Removed Replacement
gdi.CreateImage utils.CreateImage
gdi.Font Stringified JSON
gdi.Image utils.LoadImage
gdi.LoadImageAsync utils.LoadImageAsync

Removal of IGdiGraphics#

The replacement is IJSGraphics which uses DirectWrite instead of Gdiplus. The most commonly used methods have changed as follows:

Removed Replacement Notes
gr.DrawRect gr.DrawRectangle No changes in usage.
gr.FillSolidRect gr.FillRectangle No changes in usage.
gr.DrawString, gr.GdiDrawText gr.WriteText

Special care has to be taken with all other methods as their behaviour has changed.

The most commonly used method will be gr.DrawImage which used to take angle and alpha as the last 2 arguments. Now the last 2 are opacity and angle. They were/are always optional so may be omitted.

// old
gr.DrawImage(img, dstx, dsty, dstw, dsth, srcx, srcy, srcw, srch[, angle, alpha])

// new
gr.DrawImage(img, dstx, dsty, dstw, dsth, srcx, srcy, srcw, srch[, opacity, angle])

Unlike alpha which accepted values between 0-255, opacity takes a floating point number between 0-1.

gr.DrawPolygon and gr.FillPolygon no longer exist at all.

Removal of IGdiBitmap#

Since Gdiplus is no longer used, the Windows Imaging Component is used for all image handling. I've managed to transfer most but not all previous functionality.

ApplyMask and InvertColours no longer exist but similar functionality can be replicated with new methods.

See IJSImage for full details.

Callback changes#

on_playlist_item_ensure_visible has been removed entirely. This has been restored in the latest versions.

on_get_album_art_done no longer receives image_path because it's now a property of the image.


function on_get_album_art_done(handle, art_id, image)
    if (image) g_img_path = image.Path;

on_load_image_done has different arguments where the image_path supplied to utils.LoadImageAsync is now the identifier instead of a task_id.


function on_load_image_done(image_path, image) {
    if (image) { // could be null if supplied path was bad
        // do something

Renamed/moved methods#

This list may be incomplete.

Old New Notes
fb.CopyHandleListToClipboard IMetadbHandleList CopyToClipboard
fb.CreateProfiler utils.CreateProfiler
fb.DoDragDrop IMetadbHandleList DoDragDrop
fb.GetQueryItems IMetadbHandleList GetQueryItems
fb.GetSelections fb.GetSelection This replaces the old fb.GetSelection
fb.IsMetadbInMediaLibrary IMetadbHandle IsInLibrary
fb.RunContextCommandWithMetadb IMetadbHandleList RunContextCommand
fb.ShowPopupMessage utils.ShowPopupMessage
plman.PlaylistItemCount plman.GetPlaylistItemCount
utils.Chardet utils.DetectCharset
utils.GetAlbumArtAsync IMetadbHandle GetAlbumArtAsync
utils.GetAlbumArtEmbedded IMetadbHandle GetAlbumArtEmbedded
utils.GetAlbumArtV2 IMetadbHandle GetAlbumArt
utils.GetRequestAsync, utils.PostRequestAsync utils.HTTPRequestAsync
window.InstanceType window.IsDefaultUI Now returns a boolean value
IMetadbHandleList Add IMetadbHandleList AddItem
IMetadbHandleList AddRange IMetadbHandleList AddItems
IMetadbHandleList Insert IMetadbHandleList InsertItem
IMetadbHandleList InsertRange IMetadbHandleList InsertItems
IMetadbHandleList Item IMetadbHandleList GetItem, IMetadbHandleList ReplaceItem
IMetadbHandleList OrderByFormat IMetadbHandleList SortByFormat
IMetadbHandleList OrderByPath IMetadbHandleList SortByPath
IMetadbHandleList OrderByRelativePath IMetadbHandleList SortByRelativePath

Methods with changed behaviour#

Removals with no replacement#

  • plman.AddPlaylistItemToPlaybackQueue
  • plman.EnsurePlaylistItemVisible
  • plman.FlushPlaybackQueue
  • plman.GetPlaybackQueueHandles
  • plman.RemoveItemFromPlaybackQueue
  • plman.RemoveItemsFromPlaybackQueue
  • plman.SetPlaylistFocusItemByHandle
  • utils.MapString
  • utils.PathWildcardMatch
  • window.IsTransparent
  • IMetadbHandleList BSearch