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Smooth Browser

This was originally created by Br3tt aka Falstaff.


The features described below require component version 3.4.27 or later.

browser column album art

browser album art grid


Performance may appear sluggish on first run/scrolling through new items as copies of the album art are resized and cached. Subsequent loading should be faster.

Common Features#

  • 2 display modes avaliable:
    • List
    • Grid


See this forum post if you preferred the other display modes that were available in previous versions.

  • Smooth scrolling.
  • Change colours and fonts in foobar2000 Preferences > Display > DefaultUI or ColumsUI.
  • Alternatively, you can configure independent custom colours from the right click menu.
  • You can also enable dynamic colours extracted from the front cover of the playing item.
  • Use Ctrl+T to toggle the info bar.
  • Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom.

Library only features#

  • Use the right click menu to add to current/new/other playlists.
  • Double click to send to playlist and play or just send without playing. Check the right click menu for options.
  • 3 group modes available:
    • Album
    • Artist
    • Album Artist
  • Filter box with full Media Library query support.
  • Multiple selections with the Ctrl / Shift keys are supported.

Playlist only features#

  • Grouping is by Album only.
  • Single click highlights the selected Album in your playlist viewer.
  • Double click starts playback from the first track of the selected Album.