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foobar2000 2.0 was a requirement for the 3.1.x and 3.2.x series of releases but support for 1.6.6+ was added in 3.3.0.


  • Fix regression from 3.1.17 where resources may not have been freed correctly on shut down. This would only affect scripts that used utils.LoadSVG.


  • The SVG renderer now supports text.


  • Fix JS Playlist bug which prevented setting a custom group header height.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Update utils.LoadSVG to use a better rendering library.


  • Fix bugs with IJSGraphics FillGradientRectangle / FillGradientRectangleAdvanced.
  • on_library_items_changed has a new fromhook argument. Will be true if changes comes from Playback Statistics or other components that utilise the same DB functionality.


  • Fix Thumbs sample so existing images are not downloaded again.


  • This is just a maintenance release with some bug fixes.



  • Fix Text Display bug where the $font parsing code was broken if $rgb code was not also present.


  • The Text Display sample has been updated to support custom $font title formatting. See this page for full details.


  • Fix utils.ReplaceIllegalChars regression in 3.1.7.


  • If you use Columns UI, the component now requires the latest 2.0.0-alpha.5. Dialogs now respect the Columns UI Dark Mode settings and the on_colours_changed / on_font_changed callbacks also require it to function properly.
  • fb.GetLibraryItems now accepts an optional query argument which utilises new foobar2000 2.0 code. Unlike IMetadbHandleList GetQueryItems, no errors are thrown and all items will be returned if the query is invalid.
  • Various sample fixes.


  • plman.IsPlaylistLocked and plman.IsAutoPlaylist have been updated so the supplied playlistIndex no longer has to be valid. This should fix JS Playlist and Smooth Playlist Manager from occasionally throwing errors when playlists are removed.



  • Fix issue where WebP album art wasn't handled internally.


  • Support for WebP images is now built in to the component. Using the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) was not reliable and may have caused display issues in recent changes to the Spectrogram Seekbar scripts.


  • Update Text Display with album art background option. Existing users must re-import from the Samples button.


  • on_metadb_changed has had the fromhook argument restored.
  • Hopefully prevent Smooth Browser from updating itself when plays are recorded by Playback Statistics.



  • The minimum requirement for foobar2000 is now 2.0.
  • The Editor Properties in the main Preferences will be reset as the component now uses a brand new storage mechanism built in to foobar2000.
  • window.IsDark has been updated to report Default UI Dark Mode.

New additions#

Changes to clickable ratings (JS Playlist, Smooth Playlist)#


These changes apply to the 3.1.x series of components only. As of foobar2000 2.0 Beta 18 and component version 3.2.0, detecting and using foo_playcount for Playback Statistics will be restored.

foobar2000 now has built in Playback Statistics which makes foo_playcount obsolete. The clickable RATING stars in JS Playlist and Smooth Playlist previously relied on detection of that component to determine whether to use Playback Statistics or write file tags but since that is no longer possible, the following changes have been made:

  • JS Playlist users must configure the title formatting in the RATING column to use %rating% for Playback Statistics or $meta(rating) for file tags. The script will detect which is in use when clicked. Note that the default is %rating%.
  • Smooth Playlist users must choose which to use from the right click menu under Track Info.

Sample changes#

Important note for current JS Playlist users

JS Playlist has had some internal changes made which means previous column/group settings will not be retained if upgrading from an earlier version. Make a copy of any complex title formatting strings first.

The Cover column and Extra Rows options have both been removed. $rgb title formatting should work again. It seems that it was broken during the transition to 3.0.0.


Existing users of these samples must re-import using the Samples button. This is for bug fixes and new functionality.

  • Artist Info + User Info (previously similar artists + charts)
  • Text Display (This has had a major update to be more like the old foo_textdisplay component. It has full $rgb support and can display coloured emoji if using Windows 10 or later.)
  • Text Reader (Use this for displaying the contents of text files.)
  • Spectrogram Seekbar
  • Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons
  • Track Info + Spectrogram Seekbar + Buttons
  • The Spectrogram Seekbar samples now save the cached images as WebP which are much smaller. For existing users, it will make a one time offer to delete any existing PNG files in your cache folder.

  • Smooth Browser has some new add/send to playlist options:

    smooth browser playlist options

  • The basic\GetColourScheme sample for extracting the most dominant colours from an image has been updated with a DetermineTextColour function to calculate whether to write black or white text depending on the luminance of the background. The code for this was actually taken from the foobar2000 SDK (C++) and converted to JavaScript. Credit must to go Peter Pawlowksi who is the author of foobar2000.


  • The same DetermineTextColour method used above has been used to improve the text colour used on selected items in the JS Playlist and Smooth samples.

  • The Properties sample has been updated to display the new %file_created% field that is built in to foobar2000.

  • The Autoplaylists sample has been removed.