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Album Art

album art

This has full parity with Default UI / Columns UI panels where:

  • The patterns/stub images set in the main Preferences are used.
  • The Prefer larger / Prefer external / Prefer embedded options found under File>Preferences>Advanced>Display>Album Art are respected.
  • Exotic image formats are supported if you have the relevant WIC codecs installed.
  • Displaying images from certain online sources is supported.

Bonus features#

  • You can right click the panel>Refresh after changing any Preferences or adding/removing art from a folder/file.
  • Images can be cropped without stretching
  • Customisable double click action to always open image internally, externally or opening the containing folder.
  • Tooltips indicate the original size and path of the image. They even support Dark Mode.
  • Search Google images using %album artist% / %album% tags.


  • Does not support Library viewer selections. Options are playlist based.