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Upgrading to 3.4.x from previous versions#

IJSGraphics FillGradientRectangle and FillGradientRectangle have been removed. See Gradients for their replacements.

window.CreateThemeManager, window.IsThemed and the IThemeManager interface have all been removed.

The want_stub argument from IMetadbHandle GetAlbumArtAsync was removed. It was marked as deprecated in 3.3.10. See fb.GetAlbumArtStub.

A breaking change was made in 3.4.3 because of a bug that affected other components. fb.AcquireSelectionHolder and the ISelectionHolder interface were replaced by the 3 ISelectionHolder methods being moved to window. See how the included samples were updated here.

For JScript Panel 2.x users#

Because of the massive changes, this component is named JScript Panel 3 (foo_jscript_panel3.dll).

If you install a 32bit version of JScript Panel 3, it will not override any previous installation. It will install side by side.

There is no way to upgrade and scripts will require significant changes to be compatible. If you have complex scripts of your own, it probably isn't worth the effort.

The biggest change is the reworking of all graphics and image handling which are detailed here. That page also contains details of other methods that have been renamed and some have been removed.

JScript Panel v2 is still available for download here.