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This component fetches playcounts and first played/last played dates as you listen. A database is used to store the data so your files are not touched. This does not scrobble so you'll need another component for that. It's recommended that you use foo_scrobble.

Additionally, you can also love/unlove tracks.


Although this shares the same name with a previously released version for foobar2000 1.4+, previous settings/data will not be preserved if upgrading. Also there is no support for artist title formatting.


All lookups / storage are based on $lower($meta(artist,0) - %title%) with no consideration for album tags. This generally means the numbers will match anything you see on track pages/charts but you won't get the album stats you get from diving deeper in to your Library.


Open File>Preferences>Tools> Playcount Sync and enter your username.




Using default privacy settings, you don't need to authorise your account for fetching playcount data.

If you prefer, you can update your privacy settings to Hide recent listening information. This requires authorisation.

You also need to authorise your account if you want to love or unlove tracks.

To start, click the Authorise button. This will launch a browser window opening the website and you must grant permission for this application BEFORE clicking the confirmation dialog that opened at the same time as your browser.

When Authorisation is complete, you should receive final confirmation. If you revoke permission or change your password on, you'll need to use the Clear session button and Authorise again.

Updating playcounts#

Simply listen and it will update in real time. A lookup is performed a few seconds after playback starts and assuming the server response is valid, all existing values for that track will be overwritten by data. Server values always take precedence!

When you've listened to enough of a track for a count to scrobble, the playcount is incremented by one and the last played date is set. This is the only time data is written without contacting because most scrobblers won't submit until after the track has finished.

If you can't wait to listen your tracks normally, you can batch import up to 100 tracks at a time... just like this.


You can configure custom playlist colums or anything else that supports title formatting to display the following:

%lfm_first_played% YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
%lfm_last_played% YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Loving / unloving tracks#

You can Love or Unlove by right clicking a track (or selection up to 20 tracks) and using the appropriate menu item. You may consider binding buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

Note that values are only updated on a successful response from

%lfm_loved% Set to 1 if a track is loved. The field will be missing if not.

Importing loved tracks#

Use the main menu Library> Playcount Sync>Import loved tracks. Matches will be made against tracks that are monitored as part of the Media Library. Check the Console for full results.

Importing / exporting data#

From the main menu Library> Playcount Sync, you can import/export as JSON for easy transfer to another install or just for backup purposes.


Any Authorisation errors are reported by popup dialogs. Any errors updating playcounts, importing loved tracks or loving/unloving tracks are reported in the Console.



  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK.
  • The minimum requirement is now foobar2000 2.1.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Large rewrite.


  • Database tweaks.


  • Attempts have been made to possibly fix a multi-threading issue on startup.


  • 2.0.9 was updated to use code from the latest foobar2000 SDK but the loved track import would crash on foobar2000 2.0 Beta 17 and earlier. The change has been reverted so it works on any version.


  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK.


  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK.
  • Import / export improvements.


  • Fix Library menu bug which prevented import/export of data when the Preferences were not enabled.


  • Add extra sanity check when reading metadata to prevent crashes.


  • Allow users to fetch playcounts with their recent listening history hidden. Requires authorisation.


  • Adds data import/export as JSON from the Library menu.

2.0.1 - 2.0.3#

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Initial release